4 Popular Types of Rooms Available at a Guest House

A guest house is often mistaken with a bread and breakfast (B&B) establishment. However, there is are some minor aspects that differentiate a guest house from a B&B. Guest houses generally have a public area that can be used by the guests exclusively. The food options available at a guest house are generally more than the ones offered by a B&B. The manager or owner of the guest house usually stays in a completely private area of the property or lives in an offsite location.

However, the biggest differentiator is the different types of rooms that are available. While B&Bs usually have the same type of lodging arrangements or rooms available, a guest house has more to offer.

The top 4 types of guest house rooms that are popularly available are:

Standard Rooms

This is the most commonly available room type if any guest house. The room has 2 twin beds or has a queen-sized bed for the guests. They have an attached private restroom for the guests with a shower and other basic facilities like a private sink. This room generally accommodates two adults with one extra bedding available.

Large Rooms

This is similar to a standard room but with a larger space. Here instead of a queen-sized bed, there are two queen sized beds in the room with an expanded space to just spread out and relax. The room has a private restroom with shower attached. However sometimes, these restrooms may have a bathtub as well for the guests.

Studio Rooms

Studio Rooms

This is the type of room that aims to make you feel at home away from home. The room has 1 or 2 queen sized beds to accommodate 4 to 6 people. It has a well-furnished kitchenette which is stocked with a cooktop, dishware, and cookware. Guests can cook food of their choice in this kitchenette. In addition to this, the room has a spacious dining area which can be used for a lazy breakfast or a laid back dinner. The floor plan of the room is quite spacious and has a private restroom that is stocked with high quality bath products.

Shared Bath Units

There are some guest houses that provide shared bath units with or without sinks. These rooms share a restroom and bath facilities. As many as 3 rooms share one bath unit amongst them.

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  1. When I travel, I visit a lot of places, watch the sights. Therefore, in a rented house I just sleep and it does not matter to me what this room will be. If only there was a bed.

  2. When I travel, I like to live in comfortable spacious rooms. So that it was quiet and no one bothered.

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