Qualities Of A Good Guest House Before Booking

Holidays planning is one of the most fun things to do; especially if you are planning a family holiday after a long working year. Other than choosing the holiday destination, the preferred mode of transport, the next thing on your bucket list should be accommodation. The whole idea of going on holiday is to relax and have some fun with your family. Therefore, before you book the guest house or hotel you will be staying in; there are some few things you have to consider.

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What Are the Items You Should Tick on Your Accommodation Checklist?

  • A good website

A website is one of the tools used for advertising. The website should be up to date with as much information as possible. Look at the dates that indicate when a post was last reviewed. Regular updating of the website means the company actually cares to market their services. Go through the photos. This will give you a good indication of the kind of place it is and the quality too. If the photos do not match your expectation, move to the next guesthouse. Never book a guest house without a rough idea of what to expect.

  • Social media platforms

This includes Facebook and Instagram. This is a very good place to get reviews on the quality of the place. Most companies nowadays have social media pages and accounts that are easily accessed by many people. Note down every positive and negative comment. People vary, someone’s negative feedback may not be an issue to you. Scrutinize the negative comments and evaluate whether they are things that would affect you. For example, a comment on bad food by several people is something you should consider before booking the place. However, a single comment on bad food and several comments on good food is different. Weigh the options before you decide to book.

  • Contact the people who made reviews

This is a long shot since most of the times their contacts are not displayed. However, there are those few occasions where someone intentionally leaves their contact for the company to get in touch. You can use that to your advantage. Make sure you politely introduce yourself and explain where you got their number or address from. If they are comfortable you can directly ask them how their experience was at the guest house. This is a good source of first-hand information.

Accommodation can either make or break your holiday. It is not the same as having a bad flight experience which you will get over once you land. It is very important to know and choose wisely the place you will be spending a good amount of your time.

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  1. If you search, then in Facebook you can find special groups, where people offer to rent their apartments or houses. Actually very convenient.

  2. Tell me, if I want to rent out part of my apartment, then how can this be done?

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