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Vacations are those wonderful days of pure bliss that you spend with your family and friends, away from the stressful demands of day to day life. What makes a vacation perfect is the lodging facility. A simple weekend gateway can also become memorable by booking the right type of guest house.

Before the digital boom, people used to pull out the guest house listings of their intended destination, make a call to the front desk and book their stay. But digitalization of our world has impacted the way we book B&Bs and guest houses. Instead of the offline method, people today prefer to make guest house booking online.

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But even in the online world, there are more than one options that you can use to book a room for your stay.

Guest House’s Website

Most guest houses today have their own website. These websites carry information about the types of rooms available and their tariff. You can also find more information about the other services available at the guest house like wifi, dining area, salon etc. You can also find out about pet policies and cancellation and refund policies of the guest house.

Since this website is owned and managed by the guest house itself, the status of rooms available is updated. You can select your check in and check out dates, find out which rooms are available, and then book your stay.

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Aggregator Websites

An aggregator website is the one that aggregates booking status and tariff from multiple guest houses and presents it to the customer. This gives you an opportunity to compare the tariffs of the same type of room at different guest houses. This can be a great way to identify any hidden charges. Since the aggregator is collecting occupancy data from the guest houses directly the availability status is fairly updated. However, the aggregator may be charging a little bit extra as commission for giving you the opportunity to compare and then book.

Digital Travel Marketplaces

The digital travel marketplace is a fairly new concept where an entity offers all types of travel services needed through a digital platform. You can book a cab, a plane ticket, a bus or a train ride, and book guest houses from the same platform. Here the occupancy status may not be updated on real time basis for the guest house but you can book additional services as well.

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  1. Thanks for the advice! They were very useful to me when I was preparing for vacation.

  2. Tell me, where can I rent such a house, as on the second photo in this article? I liked it very much.

  3. Sometimes it is very dangerous to look for a house through the Internet. Since there can be fakes on the network. You need to use trusted sites. It would be great if there was an article on your site with a list of trusted sites for rental housing.

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