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Vacations are those wonderful days of pure bliss that you spend with your family and friends, away from the stressful demands of day to day life. What makes a vacation perfect is the lodging facility. A simple weekend gateway can also become memorable by booking the right type of guest house.

Before the digital boom, people used to pull out the guest house listings of their intended destination, make a call to the front desk and book their stay. But digitalization of our world has impacted the way we book B&Bs and guest houses. Instead of the offline method, people today prefer to make guest house booking online.

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But even in the online world, there are more than one options that you can use to book a room for your stay. read more

4 Popular Types of Rooms Available at a Guest House

A guest house is often mistaken with a bread and breakfast (B&B) establishment. However, there is are some minor aspects that differentiate a guest house from a B&B. Guest houses generally have a public area that can be used by the guests exclusively. The food options available at a guest house are generally more than the ones offered by a B&B. The manager or owner of the guest house usually stays in a completely private area of the property or lives in an offsite location.

However, the biggest differentiator is the different types of rooms that are available. While B&Bs usually have the same type of lodging arrangements or rooms available, a guest house has more to offer.

The top 4 types of guest house rooms that are popularly available are: read more