4 Popular Types of Rooms Available at a Guest House

A guest house is often mistaken with a bread and breakfast (B&B) establishment. However, there is are some minor aspects that differentiate a guest house from a B&B. Guest houses generally have a public area that can be used by the guests exclusively. The food options available at a guest house are generally more than the ones offered by a B&B. The manager or owner of the guest house usually stays in a completely private area of the property or lives in an offsite location.

However, the biggest differentiator is the different types of rooms that are available. While B&Bs usually have the same type of lodging arrangements or rooms available, a guest house has more to offer.

The top 4 types of guest house rooms that are popularly available are: read more

5 Tips for Staying in a Guest House

A small hospitality business is becoming more popular from year to year. Travelers are no more as interested in luxurious hotels as 5-10 years ago. Today, even the richest tourists make every effort to have a trip full of adventures. Hiking, camping, extreme sports, sightseeing are especially popular among millennials. And small hotels, couchsurfing, hostels, and guest houses play here a crucial role. It is very comfortable and cheap to stay a night or two in a guest house to continue a long trip later. A guest house is an ideal place to stop by to have a rest, to get an authentic experience with people from other countries, and to save a lot of money.

guest house

So, what does a typical guest house look like? And what should you know before staying there for some period of time? read more